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Physicals Fitness Club
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Click to go back to Home Page To all members: We now have a membership email address for you to inform us of: Change of details Membership cancellation Upgrade or change of membership  Important information for DD members  Standard DD contract commitment is for 6 months. If you took the 2 for 1 promotion your DD contract commitment is for 12 months. We will require 1 months notice of cancellation if you are out of contract. If you are within the 6 or 12 months contract period you cannot cancel your  membership.  If you do not honour your agreed commirment we will collect the balance  in full via a debt collection agency. This action will affect your credit rating.  There are exceptions. Please read your terms and conditions - HERE - You can read Physicals terms & conditions - here If you took out a 3 year promotional membership via CFM and your  Direcr Debit is payable to DFC then please read their terms & conditions - here