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Physicals Fitness Club
Member Information
We are sorry that there has been a lot of membership confusion since the lockdown. We have been poorly supported by DFC who are one of our partners and provide a 3-year membership at Physicals, but at a discounted rate due to the contracted length of time. Most members fall into one of three categories. 1). Payment in advance for membership. Normally 1 year. 2). Monthly payment via DD paid direct to Physicals. 3). 3 year discounted membership via DD paid directly to DFC. Category 1 (payment in advance): Please see us when we re-open to see what we can do for you. Category 2 (monthly DD payment direct to Physicals): Anyone who got a membership freeze confirmation email from Physicals will already have their membership frozen. If you did not receive this email, and are still paying the DD, then please see us when we re- open to see what we will do. Category 3 (3 year discounted membership via DFC): Despite our promises to you, and what DFC had told us, most DFC memberships have had, and continue to have their DD’s taken. Some members have already contacted DFC and have their membership frozen. If you require a membership freeze, please call DFC on 01908-422007 and DFC will contact Physicals manager to authorize the freeze. Otherwise please see us when we re-open to see what we will do. We are sorry that we cannot be more specific at the moment and crave your indulgence during this period of uncertainty. Please remember, the gym closure was forced upon us due to this pandemic, and like you we are trying to deal with the situation as best we can during this unprecedented time. This message is the best way we can give some basic information. We have a number of FREE classes on ZOOM, please contact Neil on 07947-292281 for more details. If you want to discuss your individual situation please call Neil to see what we can do whilst we are closed. All Physicals staff are on furlough so no one is at the gym to give any further information.
Coronavirus and Physicals